Flashe Workshop

Because of Covid this Workshop in 2020 had to be postponed.

We hope this workshop will be offered in September 2021.

I will be giving a Flashe workshop in Santa Fe.

Here are the details:

During this 3-hour workshop, I will work with you to develop a composition and to learn methods of painting including color concepts (the use of warm and cool colors to achieve depth), contrast, and the use of the correct brushes for the job. 

Using, Flashe vinyl paint—which is a highly saturated color that dries to a  matte finish, permanent paint—is like acrylic. But, unlike glossy acrylic, it can be drawn onto and can be painted onto about any support. It dries fast and can be painted over immediately. It can be painted on a variety of surfaces including canvas, metal, wood, paper, and board.

Temporary Place, Flashe vinyl, 21”x 29” (left)
New Mexico Avenue, Flashe vinyl, 21” x 29” (right)

This workshop is open to all levels and ages. I recommend students who wish to work representational to bring photos as a reference. However, you may work in any style. This paint is great for realism to abstraction to non-objective.

Cost: $105. Materials are included.

Artisan will provide students with one 12” x 16” canvas board.

See my paintings using Flashe vinyl paint.