Art on Display — The Art Club Gallery

Gallery Exhibit of New Works by Sheila Miles

Throughout the month of March, ten selected pieces of my art will be on display at The Art Club Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I hope you will pay a visit to enjoy works by myself and other fine artists. Above all, it is a terrific show.

art on display by Sheila Miles appears in March at The Art Club Gallery in Santa Fe
Place in the Bario, oil and wax on, 20″ x 22″ canvas, art on display at The Art Club Gallery

“I want to make the ordinary extraordinary and depict beauty in the unnoticed and represent the ambiance of a place and time that has a special, memorable, or familiar iconic presence.”

—Sheila Miles

Because I strive to bring out the beauty and a sense of time and place in my subjects, I often paint abandoned buildings that have a long, unspoken history. Certainly, I look for complex and hidden compositions in seemingly the simplest of places.

In addition to viewing my work in Santa Fe, you can see more of my work online here in my virtual portfolio.

Visit my art on in Santa Fe:

The Art Club Gallery

225 Canyon Road #2
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501


Open Monday to Saturday 10–5, Sun 11–4